OT schools similar, regardless of price?

Wrote a post on this recently, too lazy to relink, but here is another comment on it that came from a cross-post I did on OT Connections

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I currently go to a fairly large university that is “moderately expensive”. What I mean by that is I have heard stories from former students whose total tuition topped out at like $80,000 and others who said they paid $22,000. I am not finished with school yet but have came to the conclusion after all my calculations that my tuition total after I graduate is about $37,000. I believe that most schools, expensive or not are the same. I mean, they all teach you the basic entry-level skills needed to pass the NBCOT and gain employment out in the field. So why bother with the $80,000 school when you can gain a similiar education at another school for $40,000 less? Just some food for thought. :o)

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