OT Student Friend Enlightens us in 3 Different Ways

OT student friend was telling me about the bizarre goals she had encountered in her fieldwork from a previous OT…plus some good websites mentioned

Friend(9:40:24 PM): Jamayla will match the color red when asked to “put with same” 3/4x for 10 sessions.
Karen(9:40:32 PM): lol
Karen(9:40:34 PM): wow
Friend(9:40:49 PM): Jamayla will make a throwing motion using one hand overhead while sitting or standing in frame 3/4x for 10 sessions
Friend(9:40:59 PM): in what frame??
Friend(9:41:12 PM): isn’t that redunculous
Karen(9:41:13 PM): ahahahhahaa
Friend(9:42:09 PM): I don’t know what this OT was thinking b/c all of their goals end in 3/4x for 10 sessions..
Friend(9:42:54 PM): Jamayla will tolerate a cleaning tool in her mouth for 5 to 10 seconds 3/4x for 10 sessions.
Friend(9:43:05 PM): hmm.. aka a toothbrush??
Karen(9:45:07 PM): aaahhahahahaahhahaahahaha
Karen(9:45:09 PM): ahahahahahahaaa

Friend(9:48:37 PM): I just found an awesome site for you to put on your blog..
Friend(9:49:44 PM): it’s www.yourtherapysource.com You can download and print books off of it for pretty cheap.. For instance, I just found a visual motor workbook for 7.99.
Karen(9:49:56 PM): okay great!!!thanks
Karen(9:50:15 PM): pbskids, nickjr, starfall?, kidsgames.org, and cartoon network are all great free computer kid games btw ive found out
Karen(9:50:21 PM): not same thing as your website but just an fyi for you
Friend(9:50:37 PM): thanks boo
Karen(9:53:46 PM): oh my god my watermelon just jumped off the counter in a bloody suicide
Friend(9:56:31 PM): how did it do that??
Friend(9:56:48 PM): did it see your face??
Karen(9:57:58 PM): ha

Karen(10:49:58 PM): will you write up that frog lyric
Karen(10:49:59 PM): pls
Friend(10:52:37 PM): There was a froggie in a pond jumping up so higher,
Friend(10:53:02 PM): Karen, Karen frog, Karen, karen frog, Karen, Karen frog, Jumping up so higher
Friend(10:53:27 PM): It is sung similar to “BINGO:

Friend(10:53:54 PM): higher kinda sounds like high-A

Friend(10:54:20 PM): and then the last part is, Ther was some FROGGIES in a pond… an everyone gets up

Karen(10:55:43 PM): that is great, thanks
Friend(10:55:59 PM): welcome boo

Note: Song is sung where kids are in circle, one kid gets to stand up and jump during his turn, ie when his name verse is sung.

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