OT student life = homework on weekends. At least it's not rocket science homework.

I held a sleeping 3-week old baby for several hours on my chest today. It was the youngest baby I've held there and I was thrilled I wasn't scared. I got in a comfortable position and kind of dozed too, but mindful of my tube-covered baby of course! It was wonderful. It's nice to look at his tiny little hands against their face and to feel his feather-light body against mine.

Today I'm working on the Little People Wellness project, Tai Chi research, Well Elderly Project. I also set up a person to do a geriatric occupational profile person on . I am doing it on my friend's grandmother.

I have some comments/thoughts going through my head about some of the answers the elderly people have been giving when asked about whether they are worthless (it's a standardized question on a geriatric depression scale – we have to ask).


Feb 24, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none

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