OT student M&M addiction, thought-provoking comments, and music as a therapeutic language….yeah I don't know how to NOT be random. Or concise.

I just got my e-mail back down…and I'm taking a quick break so thought I'd quickly share.

By the way, we did a media project the other day where we made cookie jars with ingredients (M&Ms) and decorated them etc. Well I made them for some friends, but then I rationalized

A) they are on a diet

B) It isn't their natural organic ingredients they use

C) I wasn't sure I measured the flour and sugar accurately

So. I decided I had no choice but to eat the M&Ms. I strained the flour and sugar out using my strainer for the first time in like a year, and got white powder all over my kitchen table and floor, and myself, and made a mess in the sink. And then I got white powder over myself as I ate M&Ms until I felt sick. That was dinner. Now I'm feeling sick because M&Ms is not the best dinner for a hypoglycemic, or anyone I guess. Just thought I'd share my story of M&M addiction. 🙁 I almost took pictures of the incriminating white powder evidence…lol

Ok now onto the real point. I'm just copy/pasting some comments I got recently that I'd like you all to see due to it including neat information/valid points.

Joey, oh you awesome Joey, says regarding Little People “

Maybe you have seen this already….but just wanted to let you know about a movie about Little People that I watched a few years ago, as it seems you are doing a project about Little People.  It's fiction, not a documentary.  I don't remember how informative it was, but I remember some parts of it being interesting.  As a warning though, I don't remember thinking it was cinematic brilliance.  But just in case you are bored one night (unlikely with all the work you have I know!).  The movie is called “Tiptoes” and it has Kate Beckinsale, Gary Oldman, and Matthew McConaughey. “

Kristin says, regarding taking play seriously:

I've been on OT w/peds for about 8 years and I always tell my families that I do “play with a purpose!” It's supposed to be fun for the kids and most often they don't realize that they're working.

Anonymous said ” Ahhhhh, that scares me! I thought OT was supposed to an in-demand career in itself!” about the OT in mortal danger post. Don't worry, anonymous, us OTs have a great job outlook. It's just an opinion piece with a doomsday outlook. My philosophy is to not be Chicken Little, but to wear a helmet just in case. 🙂 SO GO TO OT SCHOOL!!!

OT student Karajojo, coolest name ever, says, regarding the movie Murderball:

we watched murderball the first year of my OT program and then one of the guys actually in the movie came to speak to us. it was really eye opening and covered a big variety of topics involving SCIs. it was crazy how physical they get…i could never do it. 🙂 anyway, just wanted to say that. he came all the way to north dakota, so i'm sure he'd come to other schools!

 One last random thing: My friend Suzanne, music lover, sent this article to me, about how “music mends minds after strokes”, helping them with mental function and lessening depression. I thought this was particularly interesting as I just finished reading Temple Grandin's Animal in Translation (?) book, and she talked about her theory that music was possibly our first language, and that music IS a language. Pretty neat.



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