OT trying to eat healthy, lol

I haven't written on here much this past week. Seems like I stay busy whether I have lots of patients or not. There is just SO MUCH LEARNING and RESEARCH! There will never be enough hours in the day to tackle all the things I want to learn about. And more importantly, retain what I learn….

Lately my week-day life revolves around work, working out, and eating fresh and healthy as much as possible, so a lot of time researching food stuff. Hardcore. Spent like an hour looking at the raw food movement today. Depending on the day also some OT research as well in prep for next day. Weekends I stay out of town usually, getting away from work seeing as how I live on my work campus, haha.

So today…
I started outpatient on campus and had a 9am, 10am, 11am, treatments, all of which lasted full hour with total one on one attention as I still can't seem to let go of my patients, haha, and noon eval….then I was supposed to be inpatient by 1pm but was 15 minutes late for that….oopsies. Luckily inpatient didn't need me to treat much, just one patient, then supervise a student temporarily, then I went back to OP to write up the IP note as well as all the other OP notes…still need to finish the eval. It's orthopedic so it is a challenge for me, I'm more used to neuro!

After work I came home to chill out with my cat and play online and read about raw food (reading blogs is relaxing to me, nothing intense)….worked out at the gym then took a walk…talked to a friend…watched Glee with interns…home to shower/prep for next day. Dinner/dessert was something I'm proud of, are you ready? I never used to eat this kind of stuff….all of this stuff was natural ingredients, minimally processed, that I put together myself.

1. Spinach salad with Belle Chevre goat cheese, avocado, a dollop of hummus, with a combination of roasted zucchini, mushrooms, orange bell pepper, onion and weird curlique peppers…(last night's also had kumquat but I ran out, I love those things!!)
2. Sweet potato fries with nut butter coating
3. Frozen banana with cocoa/agave nectar/cashew butter on it.

So normally I don't randomly talk on my OT blog too much about random topics but I wanted to share today as the healthy food crap is becoming a big part of my life/attention these days, still got a ways to go. I try to NOT spend too much time on OT outside of work or it would drive me insane/burn me out quickly.

Today I saw a PT working on standing tolerance I guess, while having pt work on Mod-Podgeing something, I am sure she got the stuff from rec therapy…I was jealous at the idea! I really get stuck sometimes on inpatient ideas (ie how to be occupation based) when it comes to people who need basic strengthening….I guess I could try to avoid dumbell and machines and stick to laundry, making bed, etc, but that's not always feasible from a time frame, cognition, language barrier, kind of perspective.

BLAH. it's almost midnight and I should not still be online. Lester is snorkeling next to me, what a little dork face. 🙂  It's time for people to start taking boards and I'm getting more questions on that so I guess one of my next posts better be about boards!!

Okay Lester just got into my arms making it hard to type, I think it's the sign I needed that it's bedtime seeing as how the temporal cue was clearly not strong enough. I needed a feline tactile cue as well. :0

If any of you OT related peeps out there – no matter how far removed – have some thoughts they want to share on OT, let me know so I can post it!

Loooooooooooooooove, in a like kinda way, so really just Liiiiike, Karen

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