My classmate Dori….(well one class below me) is doing an internship here….we were representin' at a sushi restaurant or Thai or something I think.

It KILLS ME KILLS KILLS ME KILLS ME I can't share specific stories….today I have some stories I'd really like to share!! ARGH!!! It hurts!! I guess I can say this much….I like to use rest breaks productively….for patients who are into self-expression I encourage them to bring in their stories, poems, pictures, scrapbooks, whatever it is they want to share about their life…. (this is especially interesting when working with victims of trauma) – so that during a rest break they can share…

My other goal is that the patient goes home and makes their family jealous of therapy because it's so awesome, haha. I don't have that hard of a time doing that with younger patients who need global training (like lots of deficits to work on). But when it's a patient with just a hand injury or something I find it harder to make it awesome even though I know, I know, a good OT would have no problems making that work. I wish I had an unlimited budget for craft supplies and stuff. Hmmm.

As a new occupational therapist (um I started Sept 1st so 3 months now!) it's so easy to feel utterly incompetent…but I'm sitting here doing adult outpatient physical dysfunction iin another state, whipping out 700s and learning more about the CRAPPINESS of insurance companies lol, and if I had been a student I would just now be done….so…I guess I need to be patient. I keep being told it takes a year, or five, ahaha, to feel okay…..

Better go prep for tomorrow…
I hope y'all had a nice Thanksgiving
PS I have 152 new mails to look at and over 200 to review/respond to, so um….yah 🙁
PS2 I need art ideas 🙂

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