OTs….angels?!! sometimes at least ;)

I just searched my blog for “angel” and while I found some interesting stuff, I didn’t find what I was looking for. I might have not written about it when it happened? I dunno.

Way back on my acute care hospital rotation ie over a year ago, I spent a day observing at a nearby rehab hospital. I was observing this older black lady get rehab and I believe she was being co-treated by an OT and PT. I’m sad I apparently didn’t write this up as I forget the details, but it was somewhat eerie. She referred to me as her angel and I don’t mean that in the casual sense. She didn’t have much capacity for speech but when she did it was wanting to know where I was (if I had left her line of sight slightly).. It was a little spine-tingling/intriguing.
I was thinking about that the other day…what an odd experience. Then today I was observing an OT, almost one of the first things the patient does is call me an angel. It startled me because of the story I had been thinking about.
I think OTs are often called angels…some of it may be that most of them tend to be young women, and some of it may be that they (usually) tend to be very caring (waiting here for my friend “Cookie Gimp” to pipe up with some interesting remarks)……lots of reasons…..I guess a lot of caring people get called angels!! Now, PTs just get called sadists…..because they are!!!!!!!!
KIDDING, KIDDING, KIDDING, I SWEAR……kinda…no SERIOUSLY I AM KIDDING (noimnot)…JUST KIDDING. Physical therapists are amazing and awesome. 🙂 But so are OTs!!!!!
I’m excited to be an occupational therapist!! More observation tomorrow and Monday in various areas, then Tuesday and Wednesday are generic orientation, then DUM DUM….we see what happens?!!!
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