OTS Brooke is back in town…

This weekend was nice…Friday night after work went to a friend’s house for dinner, and saw some friends afte rthat. Saturday I mostly rested, went briefly to the park with landlords, and met up with some coworkers from my last rotation, to watch the LSU game. Sunday (today) I held babies at the hospital, went for an hour-long walk on the track with my mp3 player, cleaned my house thoroughly, went to landlords for dinner, went to Kerri’s house, then went to Huey’s to see Dempsey’s and BROOKE!

My classmate Brooke is back in Memphis…..there was some fieldwork drama and I feel like she got kinda screwed and I’m unhappy for her, but it’s a long story with multiple sides I guess. She is going to work full-time at a local bookstore instead of doing a rotation this time around, and then when everyone else is done with fieldwork she’ll be on her last rotation. Anyway, Kerri and I met up with her around 10pm at Huey’s (yummy restaurant) to see the Dempseys (famous Memphis band, they were in Walk the Line) play. It was fun. She showed us a picture on her iPhone of the guinea pig that the recreational therapist had at her setting, his name is Elvis, and during their 70s week, he was in costume. Apparently Brooke loved Elvis the guinea pig and tried to incorporate him into therapy any way she could. She was like “My patient can’t move? Time to try to pet Elvis.” I begged her to send me the picture. So here it is.

Brooke also ended up with a lot of toothpicks and straws in her hair, because that’s what happens late at night. See attached dark and blurry and sideways picture.

Ok, gonna write one more post about holding the babies and randomness, then going to bed!!

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