OTs in Mental Health

I need to see if my friend Brooke, who works in Mental Health as an OT at a prestigious location, would post something on mental health OT! I saw this comment and wanted to re-post it and ask if I have any mental health OT readers! I loved my mental health rotation even though it was challenging and even scary at times. I need to revisit it in my brain and see what else I can post!

Mel writes:
Hey! I’m an occupational therapist in Montreal and I found your blog a couple of years ago when I first graduated. I’ve been working in mental health for the last 3 years with adults who have psychosis or mood disorders. I agree that there aren’t that many OTs working in mental health and there’s even fewer who blog about it so I was really excited with your post. I think as OTs we definitely have more to offer than assessing cognitive levels. I think the values of our profession and our ability to analyze activity allow us to assist this population in their rehabilitation and recovery. Although I often struggle with defining (and defending) my role in psychiatry, I think we play an important part in helping them reintegrate into the community and redefine themselves.

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