Our first few days of OT school…with OT pictures!! Ooh!

OT School is officially back in session! The new students started Wednesday, and my class started Thursday…here is a mini diary of the last few days. I’m trying to get back my OT Blogging Mojo to update daily, but it’s kinda hard! I need MOHO on my MOJO. Haha omg I’m dying laughing! Ha ha ha! Ha!! …..ok not.

Wednesday, January 2nd, day:

New students (MOT Class of 2010) start. They all look petrified, which is exactly how my class looked a year ago. OTS Brooke, Virginia, Kerri, Mary, and me, served as “guides” to lead the new students to different areas around campus to get things dealt with, like ID badges, insurance, tuition, etc. Everyone seemed excited and nervous, which I think is pretty typical. I liked that the orientation was changed so that their first day was only 1-5pm and did not include cutting into a cadaver. Last year, our orientation started with an 8 to 5 day and that FIRST DAY we were SKINNING THE BACK OF CADAVERS!!! It was REALLY stressful! Most of us went home and cried! All the new students seemed really nice. My group of students were actually the Chattanooga students, who come to Memphis for orientation, but otherwise stay in Chattanooga.

Wednesday, January 2nd, night:

The Chattanooga students, new and old, several students in my class, plus some new Memphis students, all went to Huey’s for dinner. There were about 25 of us in all and it was a lot of fun!
This is not the most flattering picture but you get the point…

Thursday, January 3rd:
*Let’s preface this with a mini-blurb that we were originally told we wouldn’t start back until the 7th, and then that changed to the 3rd.

We were supposed to have a guest speaker and have class from 10am to noon. At 9am, I got a call from a professor that the speaker cancelled due to emergency, and that we needed to start the phone tree to get the word out. Well I started the phone tree, but almost immediately got another call that another professor would like to use the time, so I restarted the phone tree to say never mind, class isn’t cancelled, since only a few people had been called by that time. We have class from 10am to 11pm on Research and what to expect with our various research projects. The lecture is depressing because the professor says all our free time in the schedule will actually be sucked up with projects, most especially, research. It makes me want to commit Sudoku (straight face). Class is then over.

Several of us decide to stay and listen to the new student’s being given a lecture on “Distance Education” by our seasoned Chattanooga students. This includes advice such as talking loudly so the microphones pick up voices, while also avoiding noise pollution, such as rustling papers.

Many from my class then go to Pei Wei (Asian food) en masse…11 of us total. It was lots of fun! And…I took pictures, but where are they now? ::ponders this::: Ooh I found them.

Chattanooga students Nikki, Rebecca, and Haley…
Memphis student Joe, Chattanooga student Ashlee, and Memphis student Mary.

Me and Brooke – VOTE FOR US!!!! ASD Steering Committee Election coming up soon! Look how cute and competent we are! You want to vote for us! ::waves hypnotic chain:::

Okay. After Pei Wei, I ran ten thousand errands.

Friday, January 4th:

Our schedule says we have class 10am to noon. Turns out, orientation for new students is until 10:30. We can’t just switch classrooms due to the distance education component. So we sit around until 10:30 and have class until noon. Then we have a pizza lunch with the new students. To be continued on the next post since I’m about to run out of picture room because Blogger is stingy….

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