Overwhelmed but still begging for more, I'm masOTchistic

Today we had group, and I cried like a little baby sharing something about a defining moment in my life. I totally didn't expect to cry so it was pretty embarrassing, but therapeutic. Then I had a two hour session with our research adviser and Julie, Emily, and Katy, working on getting prepared for our Tai Chi project. I really like details and nitty-gritty stuff, I like that a lot more than I do the idea of doing assessments on geriatric patients. I'm always scared of not understanding what they say or being yelled at so that part worries me a little bit. Luckily my partner for assessments is really good at that kind of thing, so I think we're a good team. THEN I went back to the local pediatric hospital to do more database entry, as there's been a lot more work than normal. I've been going once a month for about 2 hours since I started OT school, but this month I've now been 4 and technically I could have stayed another 2 hours and still had work to do, had I had the time. Unfortunately I had to get back to class! What I don't do has to be done by the director of rehab since nobody else is trained in it (I've been doing it over three years now), so I always feel bad when I can't get it all done, since she certainly has better things to do. Although it's actually likely she'll just let it sit for a few more weeks and it will be waiting for me in early October. Which is no problem, I'd love to know she wasn't wasting her time on it. Anyway. Tangent there.

Then I came back for media lab, we did origami gift boxes, picture later. I was dreading this lab because I've always hated folding and have SEVERE SEVERE SEVERE problems with Mental Rotation. Luckily it was pretty easy and fun, it was hard for the people across the state to see the paper-folding over a TV screen though. I felt sorry for them. It ended up being pretty enjoyable! I probably wouldn't do it with patients though, just because I don't see it as a strength of mine.

Then I picked up my new prescription sunglasses, then I went to Radioshack and got a new 2gb memory card to replace my 512 mb one for my camera because I need to do some video tomorrow. The check out dude totally flirted with me and gave me his number “in case I have any problems”, it drives me nuts when just being friendly leads to such things! I guess I should be flattered but it's mostly annoying.

THEN a friend picked me up and we went to a specialized Al-Anon meeting since we both fit the requirements. It was an interesting meeting. People talked about dreading the weekends because that's when the drinking picked up, or about how they realized that they are there for THEMSELVES, etc. I liked it and need to write a reaction report on it tonight, plus two journal entries..one for group process and one for the media experience. Also, of course, I need to work on the occupation-centered practice in pediatrics stuff, but realistically, since it's already 9:15, it probably won't happen. I'm exhausted as always.

I appreciated the comments I got from other students in my last blog post on living in a bubble and feeling bad about neglecting friends. I pondered over the appropriateness of that entry for my OT blog so I guess it worked out.

I'm torn right now, because I've recently been posting about how stressed and tired and exhausted and overwhelmed and busy I am. And it's true. But at the same time, several new opportunities have arisen and I am really wanting to say yes. For one thing, an OT-related site would like me to send them some content for their student center. I have some appropriate stuff written already, if I just go through and edit it to get rid of my silly personalizations. That's not a huge deal but it obviously takes time. Also, they are electing OT/OTA students for the Assembly of Student Delegates (AOTA-based). I'm seriously considering applying, but it requires an application, references, several hours a week (not starting until late next semester though), attending a special conference, and campaigning, which freaks me out. However, it would be a GREAT networking experience and leadership experience. I e-mailed the OT department chair and let her know I was looking into it but worried about the time commitment. She basically said it would be a good experience and that if I get a B in something, the sky won't fall. I wrote back and said I'd wear a helmet, just in case. So I'm pondering that.

Plus, the TOTA (Tennessee OT Association) is giving out student scholarships. That also requires a mini application and reference letters, but most importantly, it requires being present at the annual conference in Nashville. Since our Level I fieldwork ends Friday at 5pm and I work 9pm to midnight and I'd need to be there Saturday at 8am, I'm torn on that too!

So anyway…basically I'm busy but surviving, clearly. I'm really thinking hard about both the ASD experience (the meeting is right before AOTA conference which I plan to attend, and AOTA would pay for the plane fare out there!), and the TOTA scholarship. Technically, both are really good ideas, it's just a matter of determining whether or not it will make me go insane. I like to think that if I can just get through November, I've passed the pedagogical part of OT school, since next semester isn't nearly as intense. The ASD stuff wouldn't start in earnest until next semester, and showing up at TOTA for a single day in exchange for potentially winning money is also probably a good deal. Soo….hmmm…pondering, pondering.

Tomorrow we have four hours of class in the morning including Pathology, and then my Biofeedback group is meeting with a professor, a visiting expert in Biofeedback, for four hours. And then I'm meeting someone for dinner and then I'm going to work, work, and work some more, and further ponder this whole ASD/TOTA/OT article writing stuff.

So this wasn't the most thrilling post but it was an honest assessment of my day and what's going through my head right now as an OT student!!!! So there!

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