Ow. That will be all.

I am hurting, y'all. I tossed and turned all night and my allergies are really bothering me. I'm concerned it is turning into a sinus infection. I really hope not, especially since I probably contaminated a bunch of friends yesterday if so. And I hope not mainly because there is no way I can miss even a day of classes. I'm going to think powerful thoughts. It's only 830am on a Sunday and normally I'd still be asleep but because of my stupid sinuses, I can't. So I'm going to write to you all. First of all, I just got the newest AJOT, and there was an article on feeding that included the sentence “The re-presentation procedure involved scooping the expelled food with a plastic-coated infant spoon and placing the food back into the child's mouth.” Once you realize what that means….EW!

Also, it's starting again. The other day I was holding a soft grape and then felt hardness against my fingers. My first thought was “Myositis ossificans”. Or last night, I was trying to figure out my “short term goals” for the night. OT lectures are taking over my brain!!!!!

Bad joke I found in an article on hunters with disabilities: if an alligator eats a person in a wheelchair, does that make it “meals on wheels”?


My friend pulled out a ratchet/socket the other night and explained more about it to me. Now the next time I handle a wheelchair adjustment I have a better chance of knowing what I'm doing!!


I'm now going to go ponder if prescription liquid sinus medication that expired over a year ago is still good. Hmmmm. Have a good day!!

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