Painter Marker, not Paper, for Student Names on Desks

No more name plates 🙂: Pinterest post

Sharpie Oil Based Painter Marker – No more student desk name tags: Amazon’s sharpie, may be cheaper at your local Staples or something

Picture to come soon that I know I have in my camera. By writing a student’s name on the desk, instead of using paper in any form, you have removed some of the visual clutter and literal items on the desk. Ideally the name is neat and reasonably small and in the upper hand corner of whatever is NOT dominant hand. IE a right hander will have theirs in upper left hand corner. Out of way. Only reason to have it is primarily for random staff that need to see whose desk is who. Like, for example, itinerant staff like me who need to be able to skim the room quickly for a desk and not spend 15 minutes searching desk innards for an OT kid work sample.

If you do want a diagram ON the desk, please make sure its neatly taped down or velcroed down as often as necessary for a kid who has some special needs. Please consider allowing it to be kept in desk, or consider whether child even accesses it. The less on the desk, the better.

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