Pediatric OT group on FB – wonderful resource for occupational therapists

If you are in pediatric OT, or interested, consider joining this Facebook group:

The Facebook group name is "Pediatric Occupational Therapists", it’s got over 11,000 people in it, and surprisingly it’s closed? Meaning you have to ask to join and see the posts, if I understand correctly.

The posts are frequent and typically high quality in the responses/comments (of course it depends on the question as to how many responses you get).

I learn a lot from that group, although the hardest part is the blows to my self-esteem as I see how incredibly knowledgeable most of the posters are!! One in particular, Linda Nelson, is an incredible stand-out with her evidence-based resources. She posts articles constantly. She overwhelms me with her awesomeness. Another wonderful poster is Beverly Moskowitz, who runs, and is the inventor of the Size Matters program. She has so much experience and writes very thoughtful posts. Seriously I am overwhelmed with how wonderful the posters are. And underwhelmed with my grammatical ability.

But I figure, perhaps incorrectly, that I would rather post with some unedited writings than only post when I have time to edit them perfectly. Because I would never post if so, this is just a side hobby!

Anyway, I highly recommend this group for ped OTs or those interested.

Oct 25, 2014 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2