Phew getting through the day

::breathing deeply:::
I was supposed to take on my OT's 9am kid since she was running late with her sick daughter…but the triplets didn't show up (called early to cancel) so didn't start until 930am, with a kid that needs work on body schematics as well as handwriting etc. It took him 10 minutes to do a 24 piece puzzle with quite a bit of assistance from me since he wasn't getting the whole “edges” and “outside” thing…lol. I also put him in the swing and had him swing while throwing balls into a basket…Then had another kid where we worked on tracing/writing..then another little girl with severe ADHD…I wore her out with heavy joint compression work, then we worked on tracing and stuff…I talked to her mom afterwards about the importance of that heavy work, not just running around, but literally making her joints work hard, like pushing chairs around.
So far it hasn't been crazy…although this afternoon I have 4 kids for an hour each and 2 kids for 30 minutes each so 5 more hours of kids…a girl with severe sensory issues/visual perceptual issues, boy with autism, boy with down syndrome, boy with severe ADHD, and two basic low skill level kids. Whew.
I am prepared for my first girl…going to check out the charts and prep for the rest of the kids. Hope I can be out of here by 7pm on time so I can go work out with Allison then work on responding to e-mails and stuff!
On August 15th there is going to be a low vision rehab for children seminar at UT Memphis, it looks awesome! I think I'm going to go!
Also don't forget about TOTA conference in late October…
And finally…anyone I know in Memphis have some KISS songs or a KISS CD I can borrow? My OT friend Virginia has a patient with a traumatic brain injury that is finally starting to become alert and KISS is his favorite band. Help an OT out and give her some KISS…es…never mind, she's married, but seriously, bring on the CDs or MP3s if possible. 🙂
Ok off to go get ready for my five hours.
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