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Today wasn't bad. Week 4, Day 1….craziness? Am I seriously about to finish my first month?! It feels like a few days.

1. Organized files/folders this morning, felt soo good and cleansing to my soul.
2. Did my first two evals- with mod-max assist by my OT, LOL….. – using the LAP and ELAP (learning achievement profile I think it is), which uses + and – marks to look at things based on kid's age in months, ie stacking 10 cubes, turning pages in a book, picking up small items with tongs, etc. I've watched her do it multiple times but I found it slightly more complicated than I was used to, but should get alot easier. I needed some help figuring out some of it and I know y'all must be like what, you are just doing your first eval? But remember A) life has been CHAOTIC and B) I've had a full treatment schedule for a long time now so I haven't had a chance!!
3. Saw my little gravitionally insecure kid – who signed “ball” today and that is an awesomely big step – he was kind of a pain today
4. Saw a new kid today – had him lie on his tummy and do handwriting exercises on slanted surface board – did quite well – he made a letter “float” though by not grounding it on the line and I drew little wings on it and said that letter is flying and we want ground letters. Later we ran out of space and I told him to go ahead and make the letter float in the sky and he added little wings like I had done, LOL
5. Went to tiny new clinic with my OT and a speech aid Haley – it was fun – my clinic kid is doing better and better being consistent with colors, and we started work on D's and C's today – just because we were drawing dragonflies nad caterpillars – he interestingly can draw the leters, but not in the right orientation – he drew them sideways/backwards, but hey its a start
6. Saw our baby with deaf/blind issues and I mostly observed while speech aid helped with positioning – I was jealous -but my back has been re-tweaked and is KILLING ME…i have cramping pains going through my thighs from my back 🙁 So I didn't want to be doing a lot of bending/leaning etc. Ugh, it hurts. The baby did a great job today though and tolerated standing/weight-bearing for multiple minutes 🙂 It's such an interesting situation being there in the housing projects and watching the family interact – a lot of “BOY, YOU GET AWAY FROM HER OR I AM GOING TO THUMP YOUR BIG EARS”… lol.  It's sad, but I refuse to think about it! Working with babies is the most intuitive to me – it REALLY makes me happy and while I am  by no means an expert obviously since I'm just a baby student, it just seems the most awesome and easy to grasp.
7. SAW THE UGLIEST CAT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!! It had massive inbreeding issues and since its face is like, smooshed up like it was hit with a shovel and its mouth doesnt close right and it breathes funny, it can't groom itself, so his family (my OT's house), has it groomed in a lion cut, so its face, paws, tail has poofs of hair, but its body is shaved, its like a Siamese lion and its SO UGLY I COULD DIE. I wanted to borrow it for like 2 months so that I could look at it and vomit whenever I felt like eating, and then once I lost enough weight, I'd return it. It was actually so ugly it was kind of cute and I kind of liked it in its ferocious ugliness.

I got to leave by 530 pm today (only 30 minutes late…pretty typical), and then went home and napped several hours…was going to go walking but my OT friend Allison didn't have the best day, LOL. Then another friend came over while I cleaned/organized…

Tomorrow is going to be an INSANE INSANE DAY. I have ELEVEN kids scheduled between 930am and 7pm, and since my OT's schedule is usually insaner than mine, I'll probably have her 9am kid too (making twelve), so with the exception of lunchtime, it's a SICK day. No breaks between kids…I promise you I will not get to sit still at all. And when you factor in the cramps of my legs and my back pain, it's gonna suck, LOL. Plus my OT has a parallel schedule, we don't share any kids and sometimes she has two to my one, plus the tech has one in afternoon, so at times there will be 3-4 kids present…luckily I've seen most of them before, I only have one kid I have never seen, and two that I don't know well…the rest I have regularly. I most look forward to my  six year old girl with visual perception problems, social issues, gravitational insecurity, etc etc …I printed out a bunch of great worksheets, plus I want to try and get her in the swing if things aren't too crazy (she'll balk if there are other kids around).

Overall I'm not too stressed about tomorrow – the only thing that really stresses me out these days is having multiple kids at once, esp if they don't match up well or I don't know history – but I shouldn't have thta issue if all goes as planned (yeah right) – mostly just worried about getting through the day without heavy painkillers, LOL….but afterwards I plan to head straight to campus to go walking on the track with Allison…..Wednesday I'll possibly see some other friends too…Thursday I'm going to go watch OT friend Virginia play volleyball ….etc 🙂

ANYWAY….I better go to sleep seeing as how it is almost 130am and I have to be up in six hours and then go zoom zoom zoom all day long! 
OT people who have e-mailed me, maybe tomorrow I'll answer your emails?!! Sorry it's taken me so long, I'm a hideously bad person!! Just kidding, I'm supposed to not work on being self deprecating. But I'm bad at that too. Oh wait I did it again. See I told you. Oh wait. AHAHAHAHAAHAHA
I do swear I always respond 🙂 Just at a snail's pace these days…there are not enough hours in the day. Last night I was out in Germantown getting gas at like midnight after saying goodbye to my friend Doug who headed back to England today!! Okay okay BED TIME

Pictures: One is of me and billing specialist Linda who is hilarious, and one is of town square of new clinic in tiny Mississippi town 🙂

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