Pistachio shell art/imaginative play

So read this ad I found in I think Smithsonian magazine about the importance of brands. It basically says exactly what I hadn’t yet known to voice, but felt. That it’s about starting a “cultural uprising” and that’s part of what I want to see with Miss Awesomeness – an awareness and push for more imagination and creativity in our daily lives, children and adults alike. I realize there are plenty of people out there already doing just that, but I want to add my brand/voice to that clamor and maybe one of these days we’ll hit a critical mass. 🙂 ANYWAY, I saw this ad and toko a picture of it at the airport, but I felt it matched perfectly something that Tana Banana aka Miss Sweetness showed me today (according to one of the OTs at the hospital she works at, she is a “closet OT” hahaha).

Anyway, she was playing a little girl at a recent festival and they were eating pistachios. At the end, rather than just throwing the pistachio shells away, Tana got out markers and she and the little girl decorated the pistachios, turning them into a family. I LOVE THIS! This is EXACTLY what I am talking about! Take the resources around you ( a la Recycling OT, lol) and use it with imagination.
In this case it was also great fine motor and visual motor work! But the kid would just know it was fun. And I bet you money she NEVER sees pistachio shells the same way again!

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Oct 27, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none