Places to see and people to visit or something

Ok it's 1:51am and I finished my Senior Expo Reflection Paper (It's like four pages ack!), plus updated my resume and took a health policy quiz.
Tomorrow we have class 9am to noon and we need to submit our papers. Then I might hit yoga and walk on the treadil before going to St. Jude for an hour or two to do database entry in the rehab department. Then I can work on my diversity paper and group poster for Tai Chi and do more health policy quizzes and who knows what else. I am going to GreekFest tomorrow night with my friend Sarah's family and then I work 9 to midnight, so I guess it might be a busy day, but that's probably a good thing! The busier I stay the better off I am! Someone commented lately that I don't appear to have a focus, and I was surprised to hear that. I volunteer a lot and do a lot of diverse things because I enjoy it all so much, not because I don't have a focus. I also don't feel like I do too much – I'm tired all the time no matter what I do, so I might as well stay busy! If anything I feel guilty I don't do more! I love occupational therapy school in general and I will be sad to see it end, especially not being able to see my classmates –although  fieldwork will be a whole new “era” so to speak and while I'm excited, I'm also nervous!

I'm rambling. Now it's 2am, I'm sooo going to bed.
PS: I had 409 PAGE LOADS yesterday! My new record by far, I had never gotten past 315 or so! My jaw dropped. And I'm at over 40,000 page loads now since my blog started, roughly a year now. Yay for completely random and arbitrary blog landmarks!
PS2: The MOT 1's have been plenty busy with Facebook pictures of their deja-vu labs. Need to start posting those!!
PS3: I try and get people to write things for my blog and apparently that is an intimidating request? Why?!!

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