I'm writing up a flurry of posts today because I'm not sure how much I'll be posting the next few weeks…I'm going to try not to neglect it, but I'll be traveling a lot, so I dunno. One of my good friends, OTS Virginia, let me know she is going to write up a few posts…one about OTs working with troubled youth, and one about OTs working in hospice.

I would LOVE if people – OTs, OT Students, Random People, People who have had OT or have family members who had OT, people with tips for OTs…..ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! would e-mail me material and specify how much credit you want (ie full name, email address….or just first name…or anonymous…or whatever you want). I'll put it up for you. The only rule is that it has to have SOMETHING to do with occupational therapy, and that it can not be offensive/inappropriate. I may edit it slightly, but would let you approve the edits before posting. I'm going to specifically call out a few people with suggestions:

Cookie Man: how you think OTs *can* help (be nice!!!) or ??
Virginia: Hospice, troubled youth
Burt: Real tools for an OT toolbox
Sarah: ??
Suzy/Arnie: Saran wrap and ?
Brooke: holding a leadership position in OT or ??
Kerri: ??
Allison: ??
Ryn of Ryn Tales/Dream Mom: View of rehab??
Mom: being the mother of the coolest occupational therapy student in the entire world…just kidding
Any person in my class: Whatever you want to write about
AOTA Staff (I'm pretending like this is a possibility): What you most wish OT students would understand about AOTA's role…or ??
Professors: What you wish OT students would most grasp
Everyone else in the world: I dunno, be creative

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