Please sir, may I have some more…. occupational therapy?

Scene: Big hurry, run into restaurant/store next door to new clinic for a tea refill for drive to the home visit we are already late for…it's a small town and we're in the square, so they know who I am, esp. since I'm in scrubs.

Cashier: So, you work next door right? What kind of therapies again do you have?

Me: Speech and occupational therapy.

Cashier: Occupational therapy. Have you all gone into the factories around here?

Me: That's a good idea, but actually, we specialize in pediatrics, so no.

Cashier: Occupational therapy for KIDS? ::looks aghast::


Me: ::smiles patiently:::Actually in this case, we aren't just talking about jobs…we consider anything a child does in daily life, to be an occupation…so feeding, playing, brushing hair…

Cashier: Oh, I get it. I used to be a safety manager….blah blah blah

Me: ::nodding, smiling, edging away:::

Maybe I can educate her more another day. AHAHAHAHA

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