popsicles, dancing, friends…and two weeks of final fieldwork left.

went dancing at dancing party last night (fri) with a friend who is a pediatric nurse practioner. Did push-pull swing, basic rumba (sp?), etc. Fun. Then went to Brentwood to see my OT friend Kerri and her husband. Spent day with them – today I went with them and a friend and we got popsciles at La Pelates? Petales? I got a Mexican caramel one…they got chocolate rose petal, pineapple kiwi, something. All they have are cool flavors of popsciles. Why can't I spell that. Popsicle. There. Okay, we also went to a random scooter store, and then we went to Opry Mills – giant mall – which was packed. Came back to house and was exhausted – was supposed to go to a bday party but I hit my max and had a headache, so stayed home….friend Christa from Memphis came here this weekend too. Tomorrow in morning I'm headed back to hotel for a few more hours before they go home. I might go to hot yoga tomorrow night if my other friends go, we'll see. Fun weekend so far, I enjoyed it, although I get fatigued way too easily for a 26 year old!! In the next two weeks I need to finish my professional development evaluation, do a huge fieldwork questionairre, answer a page of “final” questions, and do about four mini projects for my OT. Only ten more days of fieldwork and then I'm done – 9 months worth of fieldwork. Hard to believe. It's been really rough for me – I'm such an academic type (not that you would guess it based on the misspellings in this post), at least in the sense that I do best with tests and knowlege – the practical aspect, the applying of knowledge, the stress of being extroverted all day and dealing with utterly new surroundings every few months – that's all been REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY a huge challenge for a scaredycat introvert like me. Can't believe it's almost over. Wow.

Anyway……just a random little blurb…maybe more tomorrow. Yeah, I'm still way behind on e-mail and facebook. Yeah, I still plan to get to it soon. 🙂

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