Brooke rides a bull. In a bar. Not at Conference though. Just in the area.

Meg tries not to fall.
Me, Aunt Cathy, Uncle Jim, Uncle Mary, Grandma, Dad, Mom. PF Changs in Long Beach near Convention Center.

Ok. Deep breath.


1) Getting to meet Chris Bluhm, COO of AOTA, for a brief chat. He was extremely busy of course, but shaking his hand and discussing social networking was well, exciting. We briefly discussed that I’ve been doing some tarsal-smashing without even realizing it but it’s not because I’m offensive or anything (I like to think), it’s just that I’m used to different technologies and different levels of privacy than um, older generations. Or maybe I’m just inappropriate. Whatev. Point is, it was a nice meeting and when he told me it was one of his objectives to meet me at conference, I like, peed my pants. Ok, that was inappropriate. Just kidding, I didn’t do anything but feel happy.

2) Running into a girl named Nadine K in the Expo, who stopped me and asked if I was the blogger. I was like yeah, did you see my name badge? and she said she recognized my face/glasses. LOL. That was fun, I was flattered. She was very nice.

Now for all the amazing people in NO particular order:

Amanda Coffey: OT at St. Jude in Memphis…small world to run into her there.

Shannon Lindsay – UAB student I’ve been in touch with for the Communications Proposal…I kind of think the C.O.O.L project that P. Mo brought up in her presidential addreshad something to do with Shannon’s work…I need to find clarification.

AJOT Editor Mary Corcoran: Was standing by her waiting for some doors to open. Very nice lady.

Crepeau of Willard&Spackman Textbook fame: Ok I didn’t get to MEET her, but I stood within 10 feet and I could feel the particles in the air vibrate with amazingness.

Trombly of Physical Dysfunction Textbook fame: Um, same situation as Crepeau

Emily Harlow: AOTA Staff. Sweet as punch.

Frank Gainer. AOTA Staff. He knows my professor Rosemary from South Dakota. Nice man.

Linda Roccio: AOTA Gerontology Listserv Leader of the World. Really fun.


Claudia Allen: Celebrity Sighting! Celebrity Sighting! ALCS! ADM! ACLS! Oooh the memories of leather. Oooh. She was spritely. Or whatever the word is for spunky/fiery. She reminded me of my grandmother. She was older than I realized and blunt, but still kind and interesting. They have updated the ACLS manual and they are also working on updating the website. I got her autograph which I’m sure she thought was amusing. But I did it for my loyal blog readers, I swear, because well, yeah.

Meg and Brooke both did a little sight-seeing of LA, and both had some friends in the area come visit. Friday night we went to Club Sushi and some Cattle Bar in Hermosa Beach. Meg and Brooke rode on bulls. Yes, bulls. Saturday night was calmer as we had to be up at 4:15am on Sunday morning to go to the airport. Mini taxi cab altercation at 4:45am due to rule breaking on taxi driver parts. Made it back to Memphis with no problems at all.

SATURDAY, my dad, mom, grandmother, and aunt, drove up from San Diego, and we ate lunch at PF Changs along with my great aunt Mary and great uncle Jim who live in Long Beach. It was really fun and so nice of them to have come all that way just for a lunch date.

Ok…I have random comments on other aspects of OT pride but I’m saving them…because it’s 2:15am and I need to finish making corrections on my parts of the Tai Chi research paper due Thursday… tomorrow I’m going to go volunteer at the Alzheimer Day Center for a few hours, then we have class, then I meet a girl from my undergrad college to talk about prospects of going into OT from a liberal arts college, then I have random stuff going on involving errands, homework, and friends, for the rest of the night…oh yeah and preparing for MISS OTPF PAGEANT!!!!!!!! THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!

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