Pray for my twin sister having ACL reconstruction surgery tomorrow morning

Keep my twin sister Kristina in your prayers!!! She is having ACL reconstruction surgery tomorrow! She lives in San Francisco and she is amazingly creative…her big love is DANCE and so this is a very difficult injury to endure since it means no dance for a long time!!

I chatted with my best friend Paloma today for a while (she is going into the foreign service, she just got her master's from georgetown) and she said about the surgery “you'll have to help her get better” and I said “Its physical therapists that do rehab on knees” and she said “Oh, then you can help her dance”….which I thought was a very interesting comment since that's a typical OT catchphrase – Physical therapists teach you how to walk again, occupational therapists teach you how to dance again. ANYWAY…Kristina sent the following …send good knee vibes her way.

“Tomorrow morning (Wednesday morning) I will be going under the knife for ACL reconstruction. On August 26th I tore my right ACL and medial meniscus. A devastating injury for an athlete. As the ACL and meniscus cannot repair themselves, surgery is a must. At Stanford tomorrow I will undergo an achilles allograft and have my meniscus stitched. If they see that the meniscus cannot be stitched, they will remove the section instead. Recovery is pretty intense but I guess after tomorrow in a way the hard part is over. Now, I have no ACL and I can never get better as is. By tomorrow, I will have a new ACL that I need to strengthen and it will only be progress from there on.  🙂
So that is what is going on with me.”

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