Professional Development Evaluations…it's all over!

Professional Development Evaluations

In my program, we have to prove basic professional criteria in four domains, at the end of our first year. This is done through documentation of each criteria. It is stuff like being ethically-grounded, client-centered, evidence-based, …you get the picture. We were assigned a one hour session with our adviser and one other professor. I was really nervous that I'd end up crying unprofessionally if I was given a lot of negative feedback. I really thought they'd get on me for sometimes making inappropriate comments and things like that. Luckily, it went really, really well. I showed them my documentation and they were pleased with it. Then they gave me a piece of paper with information on it from the faculty. The faculty had gotten together previously to discuss each person and then feedback, both positive and negative, was written down. My positive feedback said I did well academically, did a lot for the class, things like that. The negative feedback was that I need to not be so self-deprecating and show more self-worth. It was also noted that I no longer make as many morbid comments, which made me laugh. I frequently say horrible things that I don't even mean at all, and people take me seriously, so I've been trying to be more careful.

Now I need to start preparing for intermediate PDEs, which are due in a semester…

OTS Patti who has a blog linked on my sidebar, told me via IM the other night that they have PBAs…Professional Behavioral Assessments…but that they don't actually meet with the faculty.

Does anyone else out there want to tell about their program and if it has anything similar to this?

Ok. I am officially done for the night. I'm dragging my feet over to my bedroom to start packing.

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