Professional Development Evaluations….make it stoppppppppppp

It's a Friday night at 730pm and nobody is allowed to mock me for writing on my blog instead of being out. Saturday and Sunday are going to be incredibly socially busy with a combo of OT and non-OT friends, and I am still not done with my professional development evaluations (PDEs), and I am tired. So in all honesty I cannot wait for it to be like 10pm so I can go to bed early for once…normally I work 9 to midnight but I got off tonight due to a long story.

The picture attached is from a presentation done by Allison (curly hair), using Emily as her guinea pig…I think it was on Motor Relearning, but I don't remember now. It was months ago. The picture is a test to see if Blogger will cooperate if I put up a picture in a different way. I curse you, Blogger, for your pictorial meanness

Today I went to Costco for sheet protectors and giant binders (my friend is also giving me some giant binders YAY). I swear to you that you could fill almost an entire bookcase with just BINDERS full of OT papers from the last year. Sheet protectors are really expensive, but Costco had a great deal – 200 heavyweight for less than $10. I almost cried with joy. Ok not really. But I was impressed. I need the sheet protectors for my PDEs.

In PDEs we have to show we are ethically grounded, evidence based, occupation centered, and leader change agents. My leader change agent binder is like ten thousand pages thick! Who woulda guessed I'd end up a leader change agent in my old age!

I hope my enchilada suiza Lean Cuisine hurries up in the microwave, I'm hungry….ok back on topic…

Several OT students told me today they were really appreciative of all the pictures I've put up on Facebook over the last year cuz it is turning out to be really handy for PDE evidence! That made me happy!

8am: Bug Man comes, according to my landlords
10am to noon: Hold babies at the local peds hospital, in their Special Care Unit
Sometime randomly tomorrow: my landlords pick up their two new golden doodle puppies. I'm excited but also scared they may bark all day and force me to go postal from the noise pollution.
Afternoonish: Do my stupid dishes, keep working on PDEs, get some food in the house to last me a week, make phone calls, blah blah blah normal errands/chores
5pm: Go to OT Student Christmas Party at Kerri's house, woot woot…we are having taco night and some of our faculty is coming, and even our tech genius man who helps with all our distance education, will be there. Kerri & her husband Brent have a Wii and a bunch of games, so we should have a good time. I'm excited.

Try and meet Sarah and her mom around noonish
3pm: Go to an ornament party
3pm+: Meet with Brooke for a “PDE Party” to finish our PDEs.

Monday-Thursday: Meet up with my friends Paul & Angela, meet up with my OT little sib Talli, go to Costco for a stupid tire rotation/balance and hope my brakes aren't causing the bumpiness, go to the library, have my PDE eval, meet my friend OTS Virginia…meet my friend OTS my friend OTS my friend OTS Allison…you get the idea. And oh yeah, pack for being gone three weeks. I leave my house December 7th and get back December 29th. I'm visiting some friends in Nashville, some friends in Florida I have not seen in over 3 years, and then also spending several weeks in California with my family, of course.


Ok. This wasn't the most OT-centric post, but you know…a true balance of occupation requires the occasional change of topic. This next month will be challenging from a blog perspective, since I won't have any school material to post…but I'll try to catch up on new picture collages, OT video editing, fixing typos in old posts…and will probably frequently also be off-topic. Sorry. Maybe I'll come up with some astoundingly profound OT material too. I do plan to do the ACLS (leather lacing test for cognitive levels) on my family, do the mini mental state exam on my grandmother/grandfather, and stuff like that…so maybe I can report back on how that goes.

Raise your hand if you are the biggest OT dork in the history of the world! ::raises hand::

Raise your hand if the AOTA National Office is well aware of that fact!! ::raises hand::

Raise your hand if you think I should go focus on my enchilada and stop typing! ::raises hand:::

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