Professional Development Evaluations

PS: I need proof I motivate others and that I'm flexible in unexpected situations and ummm that I inspire trust in small groups and umm that I have a firm grasp of occupation balancing and that I think learning is lifelong and that I value the role of COTAs….so if any of y'all want to share something (something true and appropriate to show professors, that is) that I can use as proof, I'll be your best friend. Like “thanks for the time you sicced a rabid dog on me so id run 3 miles instead of 1 during my marathon training…” …that kind of evidence.

PS2: I do realize that PS's don't normally start a letter…

PS3: I'm going to bed now…tomorrow is going to be a long day!!!

May 16, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1