Professional dress….my underwear always shows :(

From a OT AOTA newsletter….

Dress for Success: What Should OT Students and Clinicians Wear?
OT Connections member Diana Davis posted a blog about professional dress codes for OT university students. At the university where Davis is a professor, OT students are required to adhere to a dress code, and the blog post led to an interesting discussion about acceptable dress for students and clinicians. A dress code in college can teach students good habits about professional dress—which does not include pajama pants or flip flops—but it can be hard to enforce. What do you think? If you’re a clinician, do you think a dress code is important? Read the blog and add comments.

My personal experiences: My underwear/back would ALWAYS show…there are like a thousand pictures of my underwear sticking out of my pants, floating around on Facebook, that my classmates took!!! Needless to say that look doesn't fly professionally. I have a long torso and I couldn't understand why my polos/khakis just didn't come together right!! Anyway, I finally went to Target and got those packages of male whiteundershirt tanktops that are really cheap. Those are really long so I just wear them underneath tucked in and that keeps anybody from seeing anything! Please they are form-fitting/thin fabric so I wouldn't get too hot. Those tank tops saved my life on my geriatric psych rotation as I was dealing with showers and all sorts of contortions!!

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