Projects aplenty for an OT student…

The good news is, thanks to fellow OT student Virginia, I got work done on my well elderly project, and I made all ten of my fliers (one for each session) tonight! Now I just have to um, write out the protocols, make a budget, and 3 fliers for the program as a whole, and then make final touches on my cover letter and my basic information, and then do a ton of research to back it all up.Yeah, research shoulda come first. Whoopsie doodles.

The bad – but good – news is, I took on two new voluntary projects this Saturday, because I am certifiably insane. This is obviously on top of my well elderly project, Tai Chi research project, and fieldwork projects.

1) A few pages, backed with good research, on how disability is a type of diversity that is often overlooked, especially when you look at the Centennial Vision for OT. “Cookie Gimp” pointed out that you don't see a lot of OTs with disabilities. It was a valid point. OTs of all professions should be able to adapt the situations to allow more OTs with disabilities. I still have a post to write about a blind OT that he sent me! The disability/diversity paper will be in association with Kuma, a great OT student up North, who is focusing on more cultural diversity (and doing by far the bulk of everything, my part is minimal). He is enthusiastic about the collaborative effort between students from different classes, and his passion for OT was exciting!  The hope is to eventually have a paper to submit to journals such as OT Practice.This is a project for April

2) I'm working with a member of the ASD Steering Committee on the start of a Communications proposal that looks at how the committee members as well as delegates, nationwide, can best keep in contact with one another.  That's due this Friday.

I'm house-sitting/cat-sitting, and the cat is starting to complain because I'm kinda heavy. Just kidding. The kitty is glad to have company. This morning when I woke up she had dragged her fishing pole into bed with me. Nice. Her mommy and daddy, OTS Kerri and Brent, will be home tomorrow and her trauma will be eased.Phew.

It's 12:45am and I guess it's now Easter, happy Easter everyone if you celebrate Easter and if not, happy Sunday if you celebrate Sundays.

Ok good night.
Oh I want to talk about holding babies, and a retirement chat I had with my landlord's mom, and other random stuff!! Alas it must wait…

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