Quasi proud moments

Four evals today….which is actually rather awesome because that + an hour of group, and bam, you got your units, lol. I had my 20 units by 11130am…although went back and did an eval afterward, so got 23…yay

One eval cancelled…heard an aide yelling for help in a bathroom…I unlocked the door as nurses came barreling in…patient had medical issues/was taken out of unit. Another one of my patients was also gone for medical issues over the weekend.

I did two groups today…with six people, my new record. I think I bored them, but I got a few ironic smiles even out of an acutely depressed patient.I didn't do my crayon group yet. Tomorrow, I think.

I'm quasi- proud of a few moments today…

One. Patient with aphasia spilled ice water on lap. I came across him in hall and saw the wetness/his cup of ice, although he didn't say anything. I told him I'd get him a towel and some water, and he started saying something. I started to move off and he got slightly agitated and clearly and loudly said WAIT! WAIT! I stood calmly in front of him for a minute, saying nothing. He just looked at me. Finally about a minute later when i sensed he was calmer, I said slowly and calmly, May I get you a towel? He nodded yes. When I got back, I said calmly, may I get you more water? He nodded yes. I'm proud I realized his agitation was coming from wanting some control and trouble processing, so I'm glad I did what I did, once I realized I was operating too fast for him.  I was in a rush initially because stuff like that is a big productivity sucker – technically for stuff like that I should mention it to an aide, instead of doing it myself, because I'm solely based on billable units. But I think it's good to do it myself anyway for many reasons. It helps build a rappoire with the patients, it allows the aides/nurses to either see I'm helping them out and/or let them focus on more important stuff, and it means it gets done right away.

I went in to the activity/dining room to say hello and almost slipped because water had been spilled – there was one nurse in there on a 1:1 (ie one nurse for one patient, arms length at all times), so I let her know I'd be right back with a towel and to keep anyone from walking over there….went and got a towel. Then the lady sitting next to the spill asked for new socks because hers were wet. So I went and scanned her out new socks for her in the supply closet down the hall (not that big of a deal)..another productivity sucker, but all the patients (most of them were in there) saw I delivered on my promise. This lady has been especially hard to work with so it was good, I think. Plus I feel good I'm learning the ropes/know what's going on/can help out. I enjoy it.

On one eval I did today, the pt cried possibly four times in about 15 minutes. On another eval, you could just see the fog clouding her depressed brain…but I'm learning to go with the flow.

My friend Suzy took my cat to the vet today since he's been listless and extra sneezy. He got a steroid shot and he'll be on antibiotics. It was so helpful and kind of her to take him for me. My friend Arnie – her husband (the couple I'm staying with on this rotation) is dropping me off at work tomorrow, if we get the ice storm we're supposed to get. Hopefully we don't…ugh. But I'm lucky to have good friends.

Tomorrow night, if weather permits, we're going to a friend, Steve's, house…I wanted to go to gym…well see on weather…blah blah blah…….

good night!!

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