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So I'm finally finally going through my e-mail, and I have a lot of comments and/or emails from prospective students, current students, OTRs, COTAs, etc…I have taken away fully identifying information but am otherwise just copy/pasting some of them. For multiple reasons, including that I'm hoping some of y'all have advice for some of these people, and to show the diversity of people who e-mail/comment, and to encourage others to start their own blogs, because people really do seem to (usually) appreciate it and it's always fun to get “fan mail” so to speak lol. I haven't responded individually to any of the below comments/emails yet. To those that were comments and didn't leave identifying information – thanks for your kind words. Those of you who e-mailed, I'll be responding shortly.

Molly says:
Hi there. I'm a fellow MOT student at XX College in YY State. I stumbled upon your blog, which inspired me to create my own. I don't want to jump on your ideas…I just thought what you put up was so great. I gave you some recognition on my blog – – you can check out my homage to you! Anyway, thanks for the inspiration. I really enjoy your site!

MTWBULGARIA says: It's been a long time since I was a student. It is good to see the freshness of your perspective. I've been practicing for 12 years and I'm learning to use the internet to enhance my practice and build a network. I'm and OT preparing to use my skills as a missionary. Some think it's great and some don't like the mix. Whatever your opinion, I invite you to checkout my blog:

Pam says:I am an OT student still finishing school here in “STATE”. I am in the process of learning how to do the initial evaluation including the scapular assessment (for neuro patients) as well as getting practice with transfers and facilitating anterior and posterior tilt of the pelvis. This stuff is kind of freaking me out because I don't think I am good at it at all. I am sure that in your situation you will be fine because you will have people to show you, as you are STILL a student and learning. Anyway, good luck and if u have any tips for me let me know. Thanks.

John says:
Im a first year OT student and have noticed a complete lack of marketing in OT as well as a lack of student understanding about OT in school.  So I am interested in starting a blog and making videos about OT for my school etc.  I just wanted to know how the blogs were working for you and if you had any helpful hints about where or how to set up a blog at a good site.  Also if you had any helpful info about getting out info on OT and things of that nature.

ps.  i read a good amount of your blog and i think it seems great.  Especially for new and future ot students!
Amy says:
Hey! This is really weird since I don't know you, but I found your blog from a google search and since you put your email address on there, I thought I'd email you with my big question. I am trying to find out how much science/anatomy I will need to know to be an OT. I am taking the prerequisite Anatomy and Physiology II right now and I am kind of freaking out. I can do fine in the class, but I don't really learn anything. Science just isn't my thing. So I am worried that OT might be too much science for me. What do you think? To actually practice, do you need to know all this stuff?
Thanks so much!!!! And sorry for the random email from a random person!
Jeffrey says:
I came across your blog a while back when researching OT programs. I am applying for admission for Fall 2009 and am completely overwhelmed by the massive amount of information available on the web. I was wondering if you have any advice about how to organize this information and find out what I truly need to know about the differences between various programs. I am also wondering if you could provide insight about how competitive programs actually are. I never really thought about competitiveness until an individual in one of my classes asked me. I told her that I would find out (because she is thinking about applying for OT), but nobody else that I have asked seems to know. I appreciate your help! Keep blogging!
Annie says
Hey Karen! Annie (from STATE) here! Just want to say that I got my OT practice today and was so excited to see your article in there! I'm so proud of you! I am still reading your blog constantly, and thank you!

kk says:
Well, I love your blog. I've been a COTA for five years, I just returned to school this fall to pursue my Masters in OT. I ran across the blog one day when I was trying to convince myself that this was the right thing to do. If (when) I make it to OT school, I may take a page from your book – er – blog – and keep an online memoir myself.

Thanks for making us smile! You'll be a great OT.
Teresa says: I got my OT Practice and saw your article and thought to myself “Yaaay!”. I am a first semester OT grad student at the University of XXXXX. I check in with your blog from time to time. Helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel and also reminds me that I'm not going crazy with my own OT thoughts. Thanks much for sharing your experience!

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