Quick note…

Take boards Saturday, studying a lot right now. Need to go run some important errands but the rest of the day needs to be devoted to studying.

I've been studying with others and I think it helps in this case, although I am not normally a social studier. I have some tips, thoughts, etc on how to study, failure rate, etc, to share later on today. But for now have to run even though I'd much rather sit inside in air conditioning, rather than go do errands out in the BLASTING THIRD DEGREE HEAT OH THE PAIN NOOOOOOOOO.

Also, I got the nicest “fan mail” I've ever gotten re blogging, from a long-term reader, who let me know she got through some of her worst times partially because of my honesty on this blog. I've been criticized before by friends/family/whoever, for publicly writing about the struggles I had going through OT school in terms of anxiety disorder and such, who said that was too private…but I've always somewhat disagreed and knowing that EVEN ONE PERSON was helped by my sharing, means it was all worth it. So, IN YOUR FACE…..just kidding. Kinda.

Anyway, I need to stop procrastinating, go face the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HEAT I AM MELTING, and come home so I can study the night away in a haze of akathisia, tardive dyskinesia, dysdiadochokinesia, cognitive levels, spinal cord injuries, spina bifida, frames of references, self actualization, and so on. But I do plan to blog tonight on the exam, I feel inspired.

Hope all y'all readers are having fun graduating, starting OT school, finding jobs, whatever it is you are doing. Hi Mom.

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