Quick Tip: Set up "Undo Send" function on Web Gmail

Do you use Web Gmail? Do you sometimes send an e-mail and instantly realize there was a mistake? Do you wish you could undo it? There’s a way!

PATH: *Web browser* gmail > Gear Icon > Settings > Labs > Undo Send > Enable > Save Changes. More details at bottom if you need more help to find it.

Enabled it? Try it.

Write a test email
Hit Send.
Look at the yellow message "Your message has been sent" and next to it the "Undo" link, visible 10 seconds or maybe up to 30(?).
Click that, your mail shows up ready to be modified.

For those split-second realizations where you send it and instantly go OH NO I FORGOT TO INCLUDE THE ATTACHMENT. Undo!!!! Phew. 🙂

If you need help following the path above, here is more detail:

1. Go into web gmail and click on the gear (near the upper right corner).

2. Choose option "Settings" from the drop down menu that appears.

3. Click on the Tab labeled "Labs".

4. Note their warning about beta (experimental) and the work-around if anything goes awry. Don’t worry, it’s simple. And I’ve never had a problem. Also look at other betas – some are awesome!

5. Scroll down and find the "Undo Send" lab. Its description: "Oops, hit "Send" too soon? Stop messages from being sent for a few seconds after hitting the send button."

6. Click the "Enable" button next to it.

7. Scroll down and "Save Changes"

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