Quote of the Day

somehow i feel like before your career is done, there will be a St. Dobyns medical center :P”

Hahaha! Saint!! That's hilarious. Okay I need to get going….errrands to run!! Or really errands to WALK in this heat. 
UT, Police station, a few other random places…then Sun Studios with Brooke – neither of us have ever been even though living here a LONG TIME – she leaves for John Hopkins for her first job – WAY TO GO BROOKE – so she is doing her Memphis Bucket List….although I guess a bucket list has to do with kicking the bucket…so….maybe that's a misgnomer. 
Anyway. then tonight is dinner with a fieldwork student friend! So I guess an OT-related day all around.
Look how short this is. I'm so proud. 
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