Quotes of the day…

Playing a push-pin game with a kindergartener. I had a pink ball pushpin and he had a black normal pushpin. “Our pushpins are different because yours is a sphere and mine is a cylinder.” Wow.

Walking past a kindergarten playground at another school: “SIMON SAYS KNOCK YOUR EYEBALL OUT!!!!!”

Having fun with my kids and my colleagues! Started putting pictures of the child's grasp in the OT evaluation report (just the child's hand, no identifying features) and it has been well received to have that “custom” picture. 🙂

I've been showing a lot of the teachers the stuff with styrofoam, golf tees, marbles, clothespins, cotton balls, etc, and they are enjoying it!  🙂 Gives them ideas for fine motor centers.

I got to help a special ed teacher in training learn how to score the VMI the other day, that was nice. I also got to give a little informal talk to a couple of high schoolers today visiting a learning center – showed them my toys and told them what OT was and they were all like COOL! 🙂

For those of you who have recently emailed me – I have really been getting more blog emails than ever before – I promise I 99% of the time respond, I am just slow. I have them all saved as new to get too, I promise!

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