Rah rah sis boom bah

This morning I woke up feeling peppier than I have for a while. I went outside and played with my landlord and his dog- they were playing with the hose. Then we gave him a bath and the dog ran STRAIGHT into me without stopping at one point and I totally wasn't prepared (he was just really excited, it wasn't intentional), so now I have a nice beautiful scratch on my thigh, lol.

I took a sunbath for a while and now I'm writing this. My plan for the day involves first dancing around the house for about 30 minutes, lol, then showering and going to my friend Angela's birthday brunch, then to go hold babies at the hospital (it didn't work out yesterday), then come home to go walking with the landlords and dog, then eventually head to Kerri & Brent's to spend the night since I babysit early tomorrow morning in that area!

I have completed all filing thanks to some help from a friend who dutifully filled up binders for me, and best of all, went through and deciphered all of my professor Rosemary's handwritten comments in my graded work!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA….now I just need to finish a diversity paper, a blog project, and some other random chores. La la la.

Ok off to dance poorly and wildly around my house, woot woot

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