Ramble bramble briar rose

I have been hesitant to cover up the pageant, but we're going to be trying to shave seconds off here and there to get it under ten minutes if at all possible, so I'll post the shorter version soon. WHICH MEANS NOW I CAN BABBLE AWAY HAPPILY!!! I've been dying to ramble!! Ramble like a rose!! Or is that a bramble. Or a briar. I have no idea what I'm saying. I'm sleep deprived. And I've been reading a weird version of Sleeping Beauty.

Anyway…I want to discuss holding babies the other day because I got to see a really interesting but hideous opthalmology procedure done on a baby..UGH…and put my hands in an isolette for the first time!! You know, going through the portholes! Also, I'll be trying to get exposure to vent babies, by following an OT who works with them…I'm scared but I have to face my fears!

AND…we had a TOTA meeting last night…with SEVENTEEN MOT 1's there!! Shocking!! Plus a bunch of my favorite OTs!!

AND…we had a fun Low Vision lab recently with lots of pics…AND….a honor society banquet…and…I need to go shower so I'm going to stop now, but the point is, I have lots of stories and pictures to share…bye for now though….

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