Random OT tidbits…

I just pushed my 20 year old cat off me for the tenth time so I could write this. And then I deleted it by accident. Thank goodness i had only written a sentence or two or I would be P-I-S-E-D (hahaha, who gets that joke?) Anyway.

I am going through tons of paperwork due in a few weeks. I was pretty good about it in the fall, not so much in the spring. But in early Spring I had a lot of stuff going on personally and my grandmother died (I miss her so much!!) so I guess I got behind and never quite caught up, especially in the redundant documentation area. So. A few weeks to get it all done. I came home around 940pm tonight from a friend's house and did about 2 hours of work – I also did hours yesterday night as well. I'm CLOSE to being done with paperwork for one of my four schools. The smallest, easiest, school, but hey it's a start right? 🙂

I like to keep EVERYTHING as a sample including my part in it, so I usually end up with one piece of paper with a few of my own words, plus their paper. I need to be better about re-using paper instead of grabbing fresh each time. But I also need the paper to be clear and uncluttered. I found one paper where I had randomly taught a 4th grade girl how to draw a three-dimensional cube. In a million years I could not draw one myself except that I was taught how once (two overlapping squares, connect the lines). On another one I was showing a child how to draw a star. Sometimes putting aside your plan for a minute and showing the child something to increase their confidence is really important and helpful because it lets the child fit in better. 🙂

I'm attaching a few random pictures. I wanted to include a specific one but alas, I did not find it, so I threw in some funny ones. And one is my grandma with my Alabama cat.

I love this blog because it helps me reflect. Some minutes, hours, days, weeks I feel like a bad OT, and other times I feel like an awesome OT. Getting to write about OT, share about it, think about it, helps me love my profession more and more. I wish I could swallow a magic OT pill that would magically give me another 30 years of experience and knowledge. But since that doesn't exist, guess I'll just keep chugging along. I JUST started my second year of school OT practice last month, which is technically not even true considering summer vacation, but we'll go with the flow. Plus one year of adult physical dysfunction work before that. It feels good to finally have a year or two under my belt. 🙂

Blah blah blah, its almost midnight and I am delirious. Tomorrow is a new day….a new day to do paperwork, haha. Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday weekend.

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