Random OT update

This picture is of me holding a beloved sloth in Peru or Brazil or Colombia on an island off the Amazon River in the Amazon Jungle, the fall before I started this job. I am about to finish my first full school year! 🙂

I changed the title of my blog because I honestly could never remember the title of it, plus the parentheses were a pain. Anybody have any thoughts on the matter? Because we know it’s as important as world peace….No? Okay moving on….this is going to be my random update.

I have five days of work left (would be 10 more, but I’m leaving early for a special trip). In that five days, I have about 10 days of work left, including SIX IEP meetings, one of which is an initial, two are triennials, and four are annuals. Two of those meetings promise to be quite….invigorating, shall I say. I’m also going to try to see ALL my kids one last time, if at all possible, even if just for a few minutes, to check on their goals for final progress reports and to say good bye to my little ones!! ANYWAY besides basic work I have to catch up on all documentation/logs for the year, close up everything, blah blah blah – busy busy busy week. And prep for the trip! Luckily I have next weekend to pack, finish shopping, etc.

So since I do have SO MUCH WORK TO DO, I’ve decided to blog. AHAHAHAA. My classic procrastination tool. But I also feel like this blog is part of my professional identity, even if it is quirky, so I feel like in a way, it is my job, but in a good way. But since I’m going to be abroad for a month, I am scheduling posts for while I am away. Most of them are short, one picture, one caption posts – all my serious ones will have to wait! I may bring the serious stuff with me to Alabama for before/after the trip, to try and do while my friends are at work.

Hey Cookie boy – you will get your cookies soon, I haven’t forgotten.

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