Random OT/life babble

This weekend I've gotten to see friends & exercise & paint (poorly) & watch movies & pack up some more! I rarely watch movies and these days I very rarely pull out my art supplies, so those were both nice bonuses. My living room continues to look disastrous but it is coming along…and Lester is starting to feel better! 

Tommorow my goals are to see some friends, exercise, paint (I'm trying to learn how to do a landscape with two point perspective, ack), watch a movie, and continue working on packing up. My mainest (lol) goal tomorrow is to get some important paperwork ready to go out Monday morning. That includes preparation for vital Georgia OT licensure documents! 
This upcoming week I just need to continue getting ducks in a row in preparation for the move, while trying to remain healthy about it all and not get too stressed. About 3 weeks left in Memphis. Wow. It doesn't feel real to be moving. It just feels like I'm going on a trip somehow. 
I need to go ahead and set up a few shadow sessions while I'm in Memphis to kind of refresh my OT brain. I do a lot of OT reading and all, but in terms of being in a clinic, I haven't set foot in one since late March! 
It's almost 1am so I guess I'm going to head to bed. Lester is mewing like a plantain. Haha, that cracked me up way more than it should. Anyway. Good night from an OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST!!!! Not a student anymore!!! Sooo weird. 
PS: Blog wise, I might transition to OT Connections…it's getting more user friendly! 
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