Random random random ….and no I'm not on drugs, I just sound like I am ;)

Using pipe cleaners to make 3-D letters would be cool……

Just found out a day or two late about Bernie Mac dying 🙁 That makes me sad.

And apparently a Harrah's Casino Tour bus has overturned in Tunica, MS a few minutes ago (thanks Twitterfeed)….some deaths confirmed….some of my friends were in Tunica last night! Ack!

Lester is honking and snorfling like a goose…and I'm having kind of an odd day….I'm very tired but want to do so much….just feeling blah-ish and on the sad spectrum, but for no good reason…like nothing will make me feel better, socially (so if anyone calls me right now I'm properly not going to answer!!!)…just want to clean…although Lester the lion kitty needs occupational therapy as he has not only his gravitational insecurity but issues with auditory defensiveness and general sensory processing disorder, so I have to move slowly while cleaning or he gets scared, LOL. AHAHAHAHAHAHAA. In other words, he is a typical cat 😉

I've been organizing my massively large art supply connection ..currently strewn all over my LR….and once I finish that, I can vacuum my living room…so I guess I'll tackle that….then it will be time to shower and head to the hospital for about an hour to hold babies before heading out east to see my friends for a Costco run 🙂 And to do my laundry at their house so I have fresh scrubs!! I guess I better hit the grocery store tonight too. And take out the trash. And do my stupid, stupid dishes. Augh!!

This post is so random…

My OT supervisor is out of town this week…so the COTA will be working a lot as will our PRN therapists, I guess….I know I'm going to the new clinic in rural Miss. every day this week minus Friday but I have no idea our times as the schedule wasn't done yet for me as of Thursday evening, so I guess I'll find out Monday morning what my schedule is for the day! LOL! For someone who used to REQUIRE structure, I've sure gotten remarkably flexible when it comes to not knowing what the hell is going on!!!!!

My cat is trying to jump into my art supplies. What a psycho goosey snorflelorfledoot. He inspires me to create new words as there are no words to truly describe his pooflelootleness.


Okay I'm going to go now. I feel like I could use some Ritalin 😉 It would probably help if I ate breakfast seeing as how it's 1pm.  LOL

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