Random reader tidbits I've been saving up!! Thanks!!

Many of these readers didn't have a way for me to contact them directly so I am doing it this way….

– thanks for your comment! My first Japanese reader ūüôā Glad you love OT so much!!

Natan – thanks for checking OT Practice out and letting me know! You were the first to e-mail me!

Puppybraille  Рthank you for your kind comments. I haven't studied chronic pain in OT in detail, but we certainly do work with people who have chronic pain. Typically OT might help with figuring out ways to lessen pain or at least help get through the pain through relaxation techniques, energy conservation methods, biofeedback in some cases, helping you figure out if there are triggers that flare the pain up and if so how to avoid them, ways to make your chores/life easier, etc. That's just off the top of my head and maybe I'm a little wrong since I'm just a student РI'll try to look in one of my textbooks soon and see what else is mentioned and post on chronic pain sometime soon  Enjoy your journey to becoming a social worker!!!

klmeq282  РTHANK YOU for your kind words and for voting for me in AOTA!! I wish you'd e-mail me! Hope you do/did well on your first peds exam!!

KT  РPLEASE remember to give yourself some breaks!!! A balance of occupation is no joke!! Learn a little yoga or meditation or go walk around the block. Clear your brain. Have some fun. You'll get even MORE done if you aren't so stressed and busy and you give your brain/body a break occasionally. I'm flattered your mom liked it too!!

Keith – thanks for all your wonderful insights.

Cookie Gimp – thanks for keeping me laughing, and mostly keeping me humble …lol

Annie – I am really flattered you spent so much time reading up on my posts. I think you will have a great time in OT school, congratulations on getting in!! Read all the blogs on my sidebar, the students and OT clinicians and OT professors all have great standpoints!

Nivea  Рcongrats on getting into OT school!! Glad you and your friend Erin will be together!!!

Mean person who said I didn't do my OTPF post right: I wasn't doing history on PURPOSE and my words were paraphrased so I didn't make anything up, so nyah nyah boo boo, please try not to deliberately try and hurt people's feelings in the future!!!

Everyone else who comments and/or loves me, including my awesome OT classmates and their moms (lol): I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH ::cries with joy:: Just kidding….well I mean, on the crying part. And the love is like, a non-intense, sweet kinda love, not a freaky weird kinda love. That's all.

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A post on how OT can help chronic pain as well as how anxious OT students can cope, coming up soon. And of course random other stuff because I am quite possibly the most rambly OTS poster in the entire world.

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