Retrogenesis from an OTS perspective…

Retrogenesis is the process of people with Alzheimer’s/dementia reverting back to childhood dementia progresses and more brain cells are ruined, the earlier the stages…I’ve had flitters of a poem in my head for days now and knew I couldn’t go to sleep unless I tried to write it out. I ain’t no poem writer so don’t critique my structure or be mean, cuz I’ll cry. Just sharing my thoughts on what it must be like…


When you look at me
What do you see?
An old woman
Or a young lady?

I am both.
My body flows forward
My mind flows backward.

I feel young
Others say I’m old.
That old lady in the mirror strains to see
But that is not me.

I don’t understand why my body fails
When my mind tells me I am so able.
The walker in my hands cannot be mine
I walk with a youthful upright stride.

My mind crackles with static;
time becomes dynamic.

One minute here, one minute there.

I am falling through time
One year two year three year four.
Thirty years forty years fifty years and more.

Now I’m back in childhood, happy and serene.
The years tick back to infancy
as my slate gets wiped clean.

My soul now pure
Reverted to that of a newborn.
I am given back to the Earth
with my soul reborn.
Life is a circular journey
Tabula rasa at beginning and end.

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