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Rebecca left this comment recently, on my post about getting a ton of books. I read the book and enjoyed it. It is truly a heart-breaking disease – to watch your child develop normally for a while, and then lose all that ability. So if you weren’t aware of it, be aware of it now. Plus, a new book recommendation! 🙂 And OTs were utilized in this book! Well, in real life, mentioned in this book, at least.

Hello. I just stumbled upon your blog. I wanted to tell you how
wonderful I think it is that you have “So your Daughter has been
diagnosed with Rett Syndrome” on your list. my daughter has Rett
Syndrome and it is so difficult to find doctors and therapists that are
familiar with it. If you contact the International Rett Syndrome
Foundation you can purchase the new edition of the Rett Syndrome
handbook. Thankyou for caring about the children.

Also another one for you: Schuylers Monster

you can find us at

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