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I basically didn't have wireless access this past week, so no blog posts. However this upcoming week I have more time. My goal is to COMPLETELY finish responding to OT blog comments/emails etc within next week (perhaps a slightly lofty goal) + finish filing my OT work mail + organize my computer documents for work. Phew.

I got contacted by Dycem and they will be sending me a few products to review and I also have a book to review! I am really excited! I love reviews!

I am in Alabama one more week – back to San Diego next Sunday. Fun times in the South.

I am trying to get up the energy to go work out! One of my biggest, biggest issues is almost constant low energy. Bleh.

Well, this was a pretty worthless posting, but I wanted to say I am back to having wireless, back to responding to blog emails etc (I went from over 1,400ish to only 210 in the past two weeks). Another goal of mine – although not this week – is to write an article for OT practice about Colombia!

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