Review of "Ordinary Miracles"…

I bought and read the AOTA-recommended book “Ordinary  Miracles: True Stories About Overcoming Obstacles and Surviving Catastrophes”, which was edited by Deborah Labovitz. Very chicken soupy. It has to do with how occupational therapists have helped people. Originally I was angry because I wanted to write a book like this and I was mad she beat me to it.

It's a really dense book with a TON of stories. I'm a fast reader and it took surprisingly long to finish it. Most of the stories are interesting, although a few of the stories were downright odd!

I guess I recommend it if you are a chicken soup kinda person, but you probably won't end up sobbing over it or anything.

The good news about OT is there is 323893933939393 million ways to help someone do whatever they want to do, so by the time I've been a practitioner a few years, I can write my own book, and I will become a bestselling author because the book is so inspiring to everyone, and then everyone in the entire world, even in tiny countries like Kuzuzueiistan, will know what occupational therapy is. And Deborah Labovitz and I will have a SHOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe on Jerry Springer.

Dec 06, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2

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