Start back to work Thurs. Lots to do! Sorry haven’t been blogging much lately. To be fair, the blogs of almost everybody suffer a decline in the summer!! Guess people like to read at work or when it’s cold and dark outside, hmm…

So much to say and share, then I get overwhelmed so share nothing. Ugh. so black and white. must work on my 50 shades of grey, yes? Lol….and my grammar. But it’s after midnight, so I get a semi-waiver. Just gonna show you guys the five tabs I currently have open to look at soon. 
The first three links are all OT related….About a 3D printer, pull-boxes, and playing card holders for kids. The last two are random. I’m not going into more detail because I’m tired and going to bed and because this is like ROULETTE only ROULINK! 🙂 In the sense you don’t REALLY know where you’re going. But don’t worry, all these sites are legit and nothing not safe for work.

Aug 14, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none

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