San Diego Vacation time….

I should probably clarify that I am now in San Diego for the next week or so, visiting family…been with family and bff Paloma…although she left today after we spent several fun days together…..and my twin sister Kristina flies in Tuesday…..OT Kerri and her Mom Visited Us one night…which was AWESOME…have already absorbed too many sun cancer cells and aloe vera is my friend…..been doing lots of dorky things with mom since we both have passions for shells, stones, words…although she is way smarter/better than me at all of the above. I am like oh look at that awesome green rock and she is like “oh look, its a granulographite with a seraphyte subterrean nodule malakekaohekaoeiah”…..tonight mom and i kicked off an andy goldsworthy kick, using white beach rocks on a purple silk scarf for designs…i made a snail, a dragonfly, a flower vase, a bear, and some mini towers with the rocks…she did more pure andy goldsworthy-like designs focusing on shape/color transitions. I’m not that patient.

Nothing OT related to share besides the fact my father still doesn’t apparently grasp what all an OT can do, so I gotta keep working on him. 🙂

Tomorrow: In no particular order…Mom at work. Collecting more beach rocks for art projects. Hanging with Dad. Sunbathing with the kitties. Meeting neighbor Eric (home from Harvard for summer, I used to babysit him when he was like in elementary school!! His brother Peter just graduated high school and will be starting at Stanford…I remember cuddling him when he was only TWO YEARS OLD I feel SO ANCIENT!!!!!)….maybe getting to see Grandma. FINISHING a paper. La la la….maybe I’ll do some more Twittering (check upper right corner of blog)….

I MISS ALL MY OT PEEPS! AND NON OT PEEPS TOO JUST TO COVER ALL MY BASES! LOL….have a few more things to do before will be getting to all my e-mails! Perhaps tommorow?!!

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