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I am in San Diego visiting family, basically a big reunion since almost all members flew in for my aunt Cathy's wedding. Very fun. Have been enjoying the wonderful family, food, weather, and working on statistically enhancing the probability of future skin cancer by getting burnt to a crisp on the beach….it's nice to be just a few minutes away from a beach!! 

Tomorrow is my sister's last day here… 🙁 It's almost 11pm and I'm tired! 
Hey, so I found out several of my cousins are quietly obsessed with Lester. That made me really happy.
One of them, a male cousin, sent in an email on Lester to his work on their silly email day or whatever, and he totally won silliest mail of the day….another one has watched like ALL of his videos….another quietly stalks him on Facebook…
I am happy to know he has many silent admirers! 
I really miss my baby Lester with his big giant eyeballs and snorty inverted nose!! Glad I have dedicated admirers devoted to the social cause of keeping him company while I'm gone!
I keep getting asked about jobs right now, the ubiquitous “so now what…”….well I have an interview next Friday that I'm figuring out logistics for, and then we'll go from there! 
And….I've been responding to emails…Gmail has an offline mail feature so that I can read old mails, respond, and it gets sent when I get online…so…on the 4 hour plane ride I can hopefully whip out a ton!! 
So….yeah. Hope all is well in OT world….it's summer so it's quiet for school and work! I need to think about how to handle the transition of this blog from student to practitioner. Maybe I should stop blogging. Or maybe I should close this one off and start a new one that isn't a student one. Or who knows.
Karen, recent OTR/L!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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