School OT pediatric toolbox video, numbah 1

This is a video I created a few nights ago with my best friend Paloma manning my Flip camera. We just used my room’s floor so um, it’s about as amateur as you can get. And yes, there is a funny noise in the middle of it. And yes, I call my blog the wrong title. And yes, it’s not very technical. But whatever, maybe it will give you a few ideas, although most of it is pretty standard. I take criticism hard so while I don’t mind constructive criticism try not to hurt my feelings too bad, okay? 😉 There is one more coming, this is 9 mins and the other one is 7.  I think this video is mostly geared towards like prospective OT students or early OT students who need some ideas; experienced practitioners know everything in this video.
PS: I have a really old pediatric toolbox video on youtube from like 4 years ago! This video isn’t on youtube yet but it’s a goal eventually.

Jun 17, 2011 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 3