School vacation = brain fog

We’re on break for the month of June (minus a few projects due), and I already miss the people in my class. Well, of course not EVERYONE, but most of them! I’m about to head to California for a few weeks to visit family, but OT will certainly be in my brain. I might even take my goniometer and measure all my family’s joint angles…haha.

And impress them with my vast knowledge of cranial nerves and wrist bones, because everyone knows, those come up all the time in random conversation…

Nobody has been posting much lately in the OT crowd….I’m personally going to beat Patti and Aishel over the head, as fellow OT students, if they don’t suddenly come up with something new. I was heartened to see Merrolee and a few others have recently posted some thought-provoking posts. In a day or two when my brain fog clears up I’ll have to respond with my insightful yet witty, clever and intriguing, amazingly loquacious yet not sesquipedilian-like posts. Just kidding, I totally don’t know what I just said. Anyway, I’m tired and going to bed!

P.S: I really love reading about patient-therapist interactions/stories, if anyone decides they want to share on their blog!! I still laugh about Patti’s “occupational terrorist” story.

Jun 07, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 5